Nick Montemarano

Tenor Banjo/Mandolin

Nick is a graduate from UCLA with a B.A. in Music History and has been teaching music for over 10 years. As a multi-instrumentalist, he has picked up and learned everything from guitar, tenor banjo, mandolin, piano, tin whistle, flute, accordion, and drums.

Since college, he’s developed an affinity for several various musical genres including Irish, old time, bluegrass, and folk music, where he focuses most of his practice and performing time. He’s recorded 6 full length albums, been on 3 national tours, and currently performs regularly throughout the southern California region in bands and in traditional sessions.

Nick is passionate about Irish music, teaching, and helping to guide students into a clear path for musical success. He finds no greater reward than to see his students excited about the lessons they are taking and using their new-found musical knowledge out in the real world.